The Telegraph published the results of a poll on ‘The top 100 most annoying things’. I’m not going to go through the whole list but the top 10 included the following – count on your fingers how many of these apply to you, how many do you find really, really annoying?

  1. Chavs (person typified by brash/loutish behaviour and wearing of real/imitation designer clothes)
  2. Tailgaters: people driving really close behind you.
  3. Bad body odour: people who smell
  4. People who eat with their mouth open.
  5. Rude shop assistants.
  6. Foreign call centres
  7. Stepping in dog poo!
  8. People who cough and do not cover their mouths.
  9. Slow internet connections.
  10. Poor customer service.

How many scored more than 5? How many scored 10? If you scored 10 chances are you have some real anger issues… come received prayer for healing later!

The Telegraph, 3rd Sept 2009