Access Inspiration is owned and managed by R. Ian Seymour, a Christian pastor and preacher who is passionate about evangelism.

The aim of this site is threefold:

  1. to honour and bring glory to God
  2. to help equip and resource the church – especially in the area of evangelism
  3. to edify God’s people and help grow His kingdom

Ian writes…

I became a Christian in 1993 and around about the same time I acquired my very first computer for our home (before then we had a typewriter), and I started writing and collecting inspirational stories, encouraging illustrations, motivational maxims, quotes and anything else that might assist me in my work as a writer and speaker. All of this I stored in my computer files.

I should tell that I am an avid reader and so over the years I have literally read hundreds and hundreds of books, magazines, newspaper articles as well as listened to thousands of audio programmes, lectures, seminars and sermons.

Now, for the first time, the very best of this huge collection of stories and inspirational material has been brought together on

Jesus taught by telling stories – he was ‘The Master Storyteller’

In Matthew 13:34 we are told that Jesus always used stories and illustrations when speaking to the crowds, and he never spoke to them without using parables (a story with a moral truth in it).

A free library of sermon resources

Access Inspiration is an extraordinary collection of thousands of parables, stories and illustrations from every-day life and on almost every conceivable subject, combined with motivational sayings, inspiring quotes, stimulating poetry and encouraging verses of Scripture.

Access Inspiration has been meticulously compiled over more than 25 years and is now available as a free library resource to help empower and equip Christian pastors, preachers, teachers and evangelists, and to help make sermons, talks and lessons more memorable and impacting. Access Inspiration is quite literally a phenomenal resource to help encourage, lift and inspire the whole Church.