Biblical Example

The woman at the well in John 4:27-42

Theme verse

Luke 14:23

Then the master told his servant, “Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full.”


  • Hospitable
  • Persuasive
  • Enjoys meeting new people
  • Committed (believes in things in which he or she is involved)
  • Sees outreach events as unique opportunities


  • Do not let others do all the talking for you. Your friends and acquaintances need to hear how Christ has influenced your own life. In addition, your friends have questions you could answer concerning the implications of the gospel in their own life.
  • Carefully and prayerfully consider which events or church services you take people to. Look for ones that are truly help them in their journey toward Christ.
  • Do not get discouraged if people refuse your invitation. Their refusal could be an opportunity for a spiritual conversation. Their “no” today may be a “yes” tomorrow.

Suggestions for using and developing this style

  • When inviting people, try to get written details about the event into their hands. Whenever appropriate, offer to pick them up and do something together before or after the event.
  • At events, put yourself in the place of the other person. Ask yourself if you were that person, whether the event would relate to your concerns and mind-set. Reinforce those things to the person you invited.
  • Team up with friends who have other styles that may be better matched to the personality if the person you hope to reach.