God has made us all unique; we therefore share our faith in unique ways. The table below is intended to help you explore the way that is unique to you – but not of course the only way. Score your response to the following statements, according to whether you think the statement applies to you.

Try and answer as honestly as you can, and don’t dwell too long on each one.

1 In conversation I like to approach topics directly, getting straight to the point with no beating around the bush.
2 I am fascinated by the big discussions going on in the world around me and I love reading about them and finding out what others think.
3 I often tell stories from my personal experience in order to illustrate the point I am trying to make.
4 I am a ‘people person’ who places high value on friendship.
5 I enjoy including or adding new people to activities I am involved in.
6 I feel that I often notice needs in other people’s lives that often get overlooked.
7 I am very happy to ask the tough questions and put people on the spot if I feel it’s necessary.
8 I enjoy analysing things.
9 I find myself identifying with others using phrases like I used to think that too or I once felt the way you do.
10 Other people have commented on my ability at making friendships.
11 To be honest even if I know the answers I’d rather someone who was more qualified explained Christianity to my friends.
12 I like helping others often in behind-the-scenes ways.
13 I do not have a problem confronting my friends with the truth even if it risks hurting the relationship.
14 In conversations I am quick to identify the questions that are holding up someone’s spiritual life.
15 When I tell people of how I came to Christ I have found that they have been interested in hearing it.
16 I prefer talking about personal issues rather than theological ones
17 I look out for events at church to invite my friends along to.
18 I think I find it easier showing love through actions than words.
19 A motto that would fit me would be “Make a difference or a mess, but do something”.
20 I enjoy discussing and debating difficult questions.
21 I am happy to talk about my mistakes with others if it will help them understand my faith.
22 I enjoy long talks with friends.
23 I quite often look for a match between the needs and interests of my friends and an event or book they would enjoy or benefit from.
24 I tend to be more action focused than thinking focused.



See below for more information on each witnessing style.
For further resources, ideas and exercises see Empowered Personal Evangelism.