Tips for effective team building:

  1. Develop a mission statement/company creed that staff members can associate with and feel a part of.
  2. Use appraisal forms on existing management and work practices. Let employees know that their opinion counts.
  3. Promote employee suggestions for improving the work place, cutting costs or increasing profits etc.
  4. Have regular brain storming sessions and team meetings. Involve staff members; make them feel wanted, needed, appreciated.
  5. Have regular team (as well as individual) competitions, with incentives and rewards. Post the current scores and final results for all to see.
  6. Find the leaders and encourage them to promote team effort. (Tip to find the leader in a group of people: Ask a question and see who everyone turns to for approval.) Give shared responsibility for certain team building tasks.
  7. Socialise in groups. Let your hair down and get to know your people.
  8. Develop a spirit of openness. (One manager took his door off its hinges.) Cultivate an atmosphere of ‘no secrets’ and no gossip.