Heidi Baker writes: “God has a special pair of shoes just for you, perfectly suited for your own path. You must learn to wear your own shoes and never put on anyone else’s. Walk in your anointing. (…) Wherever He calls you to go, you will love it and you will go happily. You will be glad to love the ones He gives you to love. (…) Do not try to copy someone else’s calling. It is very difficult to dance ballet while wearing boots. If He gives you ballet shoes, dance ballet; if He gives you lumberjack boots, cut down trees. (…) He is the One who makes us free to be ourselves, and that freedom has a purpose. Each of us has an authority that is unique to us and also a specific field to harvest. To reap the harvest, we need to use the authority He gives us. We need to understand who we are. If we want to bear fruit, we will also step out and take the risk of being the people He truly made us to be – even when it does not look the way others expected.”

Heidi Baker, Birthing the Miraculous, 2014, Florida: Charisma House, p.85, 94-95, 97-98