Hair jokes:

  • I remember a few years ago looking in the mirror and thinking, I don’t think my hairline is going to survive this recession!
  • Someone bought me a grooming kit with a comb in it last Christmas! – Why would you get a bald guy a comb? – Being polite, I treasured it. Do you know what I said: “Gee thanks, I’ll never be parted with it!”
  • I once heard if you are bald it means God has appreciated your face so much, that he has expanded it to the crown of your head so that he can see more of it. I like that! And to all of you out there who are not bald, I say this: They do not put marble tops on cheap furniture!
  • It’s been said that men with no hair at the back are great lovers. Men with no hair at the front are great thinkers. And men with no hair at the back or the front just think they are great lovers!