If you ever get bored going to church John Pritchard shares three tips to help make services more interesting:

  • Practise sleeping with your eyes open. It’s not easy but it’s a useful transferable skill!
  • Dedicate several minutes to reaching for a packet of sweets in your pocket, taking the wrapper off and getting it into your mouth, without making a noise and without anyone noticing. Score 2 points if you get your hand in your pocket, 5 for getting the wrapper off and 10 if you make it to your mouth. (If you succeed you’ll feel enormous satisfaction, but the points automatically transfer to the other person if they catch you!)
  • For adults: Work out some congregational chants to liven up the service. Like this one for Anglican churches: ‘What do we want?’ ‘Gradual change!’ ‘When do we want it?’ ‘In due course!’ – Of course, it’s unwise to actually use the chants during the service but the fantasy will be eminently enjoyable!

John Pritchard, Going to Church, 2009, London: SPCK, p.29