The greatest asset we all have, the finest tool we possess, the most powerful instrument in the whole world, incorporating an on-board computer with capabilities far beyond our comprehension, indeed, the most precious thing in existence, is life, your life, YOU! Now let me ask you this; doesn’t it make sense to look after you physically, as well as mentally and spiritually? Doesn’t it make sense to maintain you in good working order? Doesn’t it make sense to persist and continue to do so?

Imagine for a moment, a taxi driver not maintaining his vehicle (his most precious asset), but instead he runs it into the ground! For a time, when the taxi is new and reliable, the cab driver makes a good living and he’s comfortable. He has the best intentions in the world and he plans to service his vehicle regularly. He agrees with the phrase, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and knows that it makes a lot of sense to look after the asset he depends upon most to earn his living. But, all the same, there seems to be no urgency to do anything about it at this precise moment, so it doesn’t matter putting it off, for a little while at least. Besides which, the taxi is still young and running perfectly well so Cabby doesn’t anticipate there will be any problems! However, that’s not to say that he doesn’t still plan to service his vehicle. In fact, he intends to do so very soon. But for now his philosophy is more along the lines of, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Anyway, there seems very little point in spending good money unnecessarily. The taxi driver decides that he will begin servicing his vehicle straight after the Christmas and New Year holidays, when business slackens off a bit. Now that he has actually made a plan (a genuine plan I might add), he starts to feel better and so he allows himself to fall back into the comfort zone. Meanwhile, business is good and although the taxi (which is constant use), is now in need of a few very minor repairs and a couple of adjustments here and there, it’s nothing that can’t wait for a week or two. This continues but the driver still genuinely intends to put his vehicle in for a thorough service as soon as he can find the time. It’s just that at the moment it seems such a pity to take the taxi off the road while there is such rich pickings to be had. In any event, it’s good business sense to make hay while the sun shines!

Alas, the months pass by and the taxi driver is either too busy and can’t afford the time or else he’s too quiet, takings are down and he can’t afford the money or the time off work. Then there was that extra expense at home, then the extra cash needed for holidays, then the computer for his eldest son and then the problems with the new competition in the area, threatening to poach his account customers. Still, the taxi was a young vehicle, no longer new perhaps, but there was still plenty of life left in the old girl yet! And she definitely was going to get a major overhaul and refurbishment just as soon as… BANG!

Time ran out for the poor old taxi driver. The taxi had a serious breakdown, which meant it being off the road for several weeks, possibly even months. The mechanics didn’t hold out much hope and said that, although the bodywork looked okay, really the taxicab needed a new engine because the old one had simply been run into the ground. Poor Mr. Taxi Driver, he ended up losing everything that he’d spent his whole life working for!

Now, let me ask you again, doesn’t it make sense to look after yourself? Doesn’t it make sense to maintain yourself in good working order? Doesn’t it make sense to persist and continue to do so? If you’re not already committed to looking after yourself, let me encourage you to start right away, today, if possible. All too often I hear people say that they can’t afford the time but those people, in particular, are the ones who can’t afford not to find the time! Take care and look after yourself.

R. Ian Seymour

R. Ian Seymour, excerpt adapted from Maximize Your Potential