God not only redeemed you and called you to serve him, he also equipped you. Everything you need to fulfil your assignment is in your life right now, just waiting for you to recognise it. (…) During the days of the California gold rush, a young couple became obsessed with the quest for gold. They sold their farm and everything they owned and went out West to search for it. Failure after failure, they eventually ended up bankrupt and moved to Europe. Many years later they returned to America and decided to visit their old farm. But when they arrived they found it surrounded by security guards and a high wire fence. When they inquired, they discovered that under their old farm was the second-largest gold reserve in America – and it was now owned by the government.

God has placed resources and people all around you that maybe you’re not seeing yet. There’s treasure in you and around you that you won’t see until God reveals it to you. And he will, if you seek him.

Source: The UCB Word For Today, 22/12/2018