R. T. Kendall once shared an acrostic using the word ‘PEACE’ – to help discern whether or not something is of God:

P – Providential: Ask, is it providential? (Don’t try forcing a round peg into a square hole.)

E – Enemy: Ask yourself what would the enemy want me to do? (Then do the opposite.)

A – Authority: Is it biblical? (Does the Bible condone/condemn such action?)

C – Confidence: Ask yourself does your confidence increase or decrease if you proceed?

E – Ease: Is your heart in it? Do you have peace about it? Is there an ease about the decision?

When all five come together there is a good possibility that God is with you and you can proceed.

Source: R.T. Kendall, main speaker at Spring Harvest, Minehead, 9/4/2007