It is possible to possess something without embracing or enjoying it. This difference between possession and enjoyment is well illustrated in the story of Louis Delcourt. He was a young French soldier during the First World War who overstayed his leave and, fearing disgrace, he decided to desert. He persuaded his mother to lock him up in the attic of their house and there she hid him and fed him for twenty-one years. But in August 1937 his mother died. There was no chance now of his retaining his incognito and remaining in hiding. So, pale and haggard, he staggered along to the nearest gendarmerie, where he gave himself up. The gendarme looked at him in utter incredulity and asked him, ‘where have you been that you have not heard?’ ‘Haven’t heard what?’ asked Louis. ‘That a law of amnesty for all deserters was past years ago.’

Louis Delcourt had freedom but did not enjoy it because he did not know that he had it. It is the same with many Christian people today. They have been set free by Jesus Christ. But many are not enjoying their freedom because they do not know that they have it!

John Stott

John Stott, The Living Church , p.158-159