Rise Up Above The Masses: To successfully launch a space rocket it takes a massive initial surge of power to lift the rocket off the ground and send it soaring upwards. In fact, the majority of energy (fuel) is spent driving the rocket through the earth’s gravitational pull that would otherwise hold it back. However, as soon as the rocket has broken free of the earth’s atmosphere, it then becomes fairly easy sailing, in comparison.

The same is true when you try to rise up above the masses, when you want to shake off the negative influences of the people around you because you chose to soar upwards, towards success. Initially, the hardest part – where you have to spend the most energy – is in breaking free from the negative influences that would otherwise hold you back. But as soon as you do break free, the rest of the journey is easy sailing in comparison. You just have to make sure when you make that initial decision, that you then stick with the programme and don’t allow others to force you to abandon your take off or abort your mission.

Analogy adapted from an idea by Zig Ziglar