I heard this tale about an arrogant businessman man but it makes a good point:

A middle-aged, wealthy and successful company executive was carefully reversing his top-of-the-range Mercedes into a narrow parking space when, as if from out of nowhere, a young man in a clapped-out old Mini quickly nipped into the gap, beating the Mercedes by a whisker. Locking his car, the youth looked across at the man in the Mercedes and with a sarcastic grin shouted, “Sorry Granddad. The world belongs to the young and quick!” Without a word the businessman continued reversing, pushing the Mini sideways onto the pavement. He then got out, locked the Mercedes with a blip of his key-fob, turned towards the dumbfounded youth and handed him a business card. “No doubt your insurance company will be wanting to contact me,” he remarked calmly. “Oh, and you’re wrong, by the way. The world belongs to those who are willing to go the extra yard!”

R. Ian Seymour

R. Ian Seymour, excerpt adapted from Maximize Your Potential