The church is not just a place to attend it’s a community, a body, to get involved with. Sometimes people shy away from getting involved… they think of church being like a giant helicopter. They don’t want to get too close in case the get sucked into the rotas! But it shouldn’t be like that. Many hands (or many parts) make light work. Going on a rota once a month or once every two months is an expression of love and commitment to the body (a body which we all know isn’t perfect)! Friends, don’t look for a perfect church… it doesn’t exist. And if a perfect church did exist and you joined it, well then it would no longer be perfect, would it? There is no perfect church this side of heaven… we are all flawed, imperfect and broken, which is why we need each other. Don’t be a spectator. You are needed. Get involved. Where can you serve, where is there a need you can fill?

(It’s important that we understand, however, that a need does not necessarily constitute a call or a calling. There is a need to take the gospel to the four corners of the earth but it’s not everyone’s calling).

R. Ian Seymour