Many people, sadly, just never get past the Christmas crib! They sing carols such as, “Away in a Manger,” they see pictures of the baby Jesus on Christmas cards, and at their children’s nativity play and it makes them feel all kind-of warm and Christmassy inside… they seem to get a fleeting glimpse or sense of God’s love for them, but they just don’t take it any further and they miss the true meaning of Christmas. They leave the baby Jesus in the manger… and then, on the twelfth day of Christmas, or probably before (because we get bored easily), they pack everything away again, into the loft for another year. It’s like having a winning lottery ticket or a cheque for £1million in your pocket: For some people, they pull it out every Christmas and it feels really nice to hold it – “I love Christmas,” they say – but then they put Christmas away in the loft again: They never cash the cheque!