Saints don’t really walk around with a ‘Ready Brek Glow’ a ‘Colgate-smile’ and with a halo hanging above their heads… ping! But actually, that’s not a bad description or caricature because saints are people, followers of Christ, who radiate Jesus, who reflect His love and His light in this dark world, and (as Philippians 2:15 puts it) ‘who shine like stars in the universe’. I am reminded of the young lad was asked by his Sunday school teacher to describe what a ‘saint’ was. The boy couldn’t answer immediately and so he pondered the question for a moment and as he did so he thought of all the saints portrayed on the stained-glass windows in the church. “I know” the boy chirped up, “a saint is someone who the light shines through them.” That’s a wonderful picture of a saint.

R. Ian Seymour

R. Ian Seymour, Empowered Personal Evangelism, Weybridge: New Wine Press (2014), p.141-142