10 Steps to Successful Parenting:

Communicate how you feel without attacking or accusing, and encourage your child/ren (teenager) to do the same.

Accept their friends. They may not be your first choice or your second choice or even your third, but there again they are not your friends.

Stop trying to be cool in front of their friends, and don’t embarrass them.

During family time or free time do the stuff they want to do rather than insisting on the other way around. And do it willingly, i.e. without grumbling.

Don’t compare one child with another. God made each of us with different personalities and different gifts and talents. If God had wanted conformity he would have made us all the same. Cherish their individuality.

Praise them. If you look hard enough you can always find something to praise. Just keep looking and keep praising.

Love them but as they get older don’t hug them or ask them to hug you, but always be there when they want one.

Move on quickly when you disappointed. Ask yourself, am I teaching my children forgiveness or perfection?

Spend time with them. Understand that you can only spend quality time with your kids if you have a relationship with them, i.e. after you have spent quantity time with them. Quality comes after quantity – always!

Train them; teach them; inspire them; encourage them; support them; feed them; discipline them; praise them and above all else pray for them, and with them if you can.