I remember a few years ago, when my daughter Bethany was going through the terrible-two stage. I had to take her on an errand to the supermarket. She really didn’t want to go with me and she let me know it! Bethany screamed and stomped and went red in the face and flat bluntly refused to be bribed by any amount of chocolate or biscuits or promises of her favourite TV programme. In the end, I stuffed her into the child seat of the shopping trolley and tried as best I could to entertain her as I whizzed her up and down the aisles. But she was having nothing of it. As I walked hurriedly up and down the aisles grabbing the groceries on my list, she leaned out of the shopping trolley towards passers-by and simply shouted, “HELP!” – Very self-consciously, I tried to assure people, “It’s alright, she is my child!” but to this day I wonder if some of them believed me.