There was once a man who owned a barbers shop in a small town for several years. He had a regular clientele and business was good, so good, in fact, that the competition moved in just a few doors away, in an attempt to poach his customers. At first the old barber was not unduly worried about loosing his regular customers to some “new kid on the block”. But then the new competition undercut the barber’s prices and began an aggressive marketing campaign in an effort to gain market share. They completely blitzed the local area with leaflets and press advertisements and posters’ promoting all hair cuts for just £5 a head. Customers began flocking to the new shop and so in an effort to turn the tide, the old barber set about a counter offensive. He knew that all the customers must literally pass by his own front door in order to reach the new hairdressers, so he put up a great big sign in his own front window, which simply said, “WE FIX £5 HAIRCUTS!”