In ‘Life Essentials’, Dr Tony Evans writes: “I’ve had my car for several years now, but I went for about two years without ever reading the owner’s manual. That changed one day when my car broke down and I had to take it in for service. The store manager began showing me all the stuff my car was equipped to do. I didn’t even know half that stuff was available because I had never opened the book. He told me, for instance, that the car had a built-in speaker for telephone conversations, and showed me how to use the car phone without having an accident while trying to dial the numbers. I listened in amazement, and quickly decided that it would be in my best interests to read the owner’s manual that came with my car. But I am not reading that manual just to check off how many chapters I read, or memorise various passages. I am reading it so I can enjoy all the good gifts the manufacturer gave me when I purchased the car.” – Moral: If you want the benefits, read the book, the Bible!

Source: Quoted in The UCB Word For Today