I heard this tale about an arrogant businessman man but it makes a good point:

A middle-aged and successful businessman was carefully reversing his top-of-the-range 7 series Mercedes into a tight parking space. Out of nowhere, a young man driving a clapped out old Ford Escort recklessly dashed in and stole the space. Locking his car, the youth looked over to the Mercedes and with a smirk on his face, he shrugged his shoulders and mockingly shouted across, ‘Sorry old boy, the world belongs to the young and quick!’ Seemingly unperturbed, the businessman didn’t say a word. Instead, he continued to reverse his car slowly into the parking space and pushed the Escort up onto the pavement and out of the way. The businessman then locked his Mercedes with an exaggerated blip of his key, and then reaching into his shirt pocket he took out a business card and handed it the dumbfounded youth. ‘No doubt your insurance company will want to contact me,’ he remarked. Then turning to walk away, he looked over his shoulder and added, ‘Oh! And you’re wrong, by the way: It belongs to the winners in life who are willing to go the extra yard and do whatever it takes!’