Think of your mind like a garden: to enjoy the benefits and get the most from your garden it needs to be well maintained and managed properly. If you weed out the negatives and feed the positives only for a day, well it just won’t have that much of an effect, but do that same behaviour every day, day in day out, and you’ll end up with a beautiful garden. Stay positive. Every day think positive and you will attract positive things and outcomes. Let me give you an example of how it works.

Take a look around the immediate area where you are just now, and find ten different things that are green in colour. Please go ahead and do this right now; look for ten different green items. After completing this exercise you’ll now have a green mind-set and for the immediate future what you will find is that anything green jumps out at you. That’s because you have conditioned your mind to notice green. Imagine if you did this every day; looked for ten different things that are green. If you did that the colour green would become a major influence in your life; everywhere you went you’d notice things that are green. It is similar with our thinking (positive or negative): Take a look at the immediate situation where you are right now, and where you hope to be, and find ten different things that are positive. Train yourself to look for the positive, to think positive and you will develop a positive mind-set and attract positive outcomes. That’s because people find what they are looking for. It really is WYSIWYG (WIZ-E-WIG): what you see is what you get!

R. Ian Seymour