Have you heard the parable of the waddling ducks? In a certain town, each Sunday morning all the ducks waddle down the road to church. They waddle towards their favourite pews and sit down. The duck choir waddles in and performs a few songs, before the pastor duck waddles to the pulpit and delivers a thundering sermon: “Fellow ducks, God has given each one of us wings! These wings enable us to fly, anywhere, anytime. Our Scriptures even tells us we can soar on wings like eagles. Nothing can hold us back. So let’s get out there and fly!” The gathered congregation of ducks give a hearty “Amen!”… and then they all waddle off home again.

There is a world of difference between talking the talk and walking and walk. Actions always speak louder than words!

Source: Simon Guillbaud, For What It’s Worth, 2006, Oxford: Monarch Books, p.146