One day we will all be held to account; we will all face God’s judgment. Some people fool themselves thinking they will be all right: They think they will get in to heaven because they have been good enough but the Bible teaches differently: the Bible says that there is no one is good enough, not even one single person. It’s a bit like this: everyone’s life starts out like a clean sheet of paper, but as soon as you get a blotch on it, as soon as you sin, it’s no longer clean. – It is impossible for us to live a perfect life and to perfectly keep all of God’s standards all of the time. – Again, it’s like having a sheet of glass. Break it once and you’ve broken it all and there is no hope of putting it back together again! The thing is, to get to heaven you have to be absolutely 100% perfect in every way, or… you have to have someone who is perfect stand in for you, and pay your dues: You have to accept God’s perfect sacrifice offered on your behalf – the innocent blood of his Son, Jesus, shed on the cross for our sins.