Are you ready for the greatest coaching advice in all of recorded history? Are you ready for a game plan that will ensure your ability to walk in victory and to never again be a victim of depression or discouragement? – Be thankful, honour God, praise him! – Rejoice in the Lord is a New Testament commandment, which means you don’t really get a choice! The strategy for a victorious life is to “Keep on rejoicing!” Joy is not just a spin-off from obedience to God. Joy is obedience to God! Joy is an act of obedience and we are commanded to rejoice in the Lord and to take delight in His presence. C. S. Lewis put it this way, “It is a Christian duty for everyone to be as joyful as they can be!” The entire goal of your life is to glorify God every day that you live. The goal of your life is to honour His Name with every choice you make, every word you speak and every thought you think. You honour God when you choose the joy of His presence. You don’t glorify Him through whining, complaining, bitterness or unforgiveness. You glorify God when you choose joy and thankfulness!’

Source: A Jolt of Joy, devotional on YouVersion, day 22 of 31

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