I saw a “Cathy” cartoon strip that illustrates how a tempting thought, if left unchecked, can manifest into full-blown sin – (it’s an American cartoon but it still works – about a lady trying to diet):

Frame 1: ‘I will take a drive, but won’t go near the grocery store.’

Frame 2: ‘I will drive by the grocery store, but will not go in.’

Frame 3: ‘I’ll go in the grocery store, but will not go down the aisle where the candy is on sale.’

Frame 4: ‘I will look at the candy, but not pick it up.’

Frame 5: ‘I will pick it up, but not buy it.’

Frame 6: ‘I will buy it, but not open it.’

Frame 7: ‘Open it, but not smell it.’

Frame 8: ‘Smell it, but not taste it.’

Frame 9: ‘Taste it, but not eat it.’

Frame 10: ‘EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT!