A man stood beneath a magnificent oak tree and marvelled that such a regal giant amongst trees could grow from such tiny acorns as were littered all around him. Then the man looked over a fence into a neighbouring field and noticed an abundance of giant pumpkins growing on the ground. The pumpkins were still connected to their tiny vines which simply could never support such weighty fruit. The man pondered this seemingly ludicrous situation and came to the conclusion that God must have got things wrong. “Surely, it would make more sense for giant pumpkins to grow on a giant tree and for the tiny acorns to grow on a tiny vine?” the man mused to himself.

Just then an acorn fell from the tree and hit the man directly on the top of his head. The man looked up towards the heavens, gave a wry smile and humbly corrected his assumption, “Maybe God was on top of things, after all!”