Certainly God heals today through the use of medicines and the medical profession – guiding and controlling things behind the scenes – but what about divine intervention; God-given miracles. It has to be said, there is much fear and scepticism many of us in the twenty-first century bring to the whole subject of healing. Indeed, there is a fine sounding argument saying that we no longer need miracles or the ‘greater spiritual gifts’ that the Bible talks about, because we now have the full and final word of God. It is suggested, by some, that this is the reason we don’t see major miracles anymore. The argument goes something like this: ‘Yes it is still God’s hand that makes the world go around and the sun come up each morning and yes, God still answers prayer, but we don’t see the major miracles such as were performed in Jesus’ day and which (seemingly) stopped with the dying out of the apostles, because we now have the full and final word of God; we now have the complete Bible, and so we are to put our trust in God’s Word and not in signs and wonders.’ It sounds credible, maybe even convincing to some, BUT no credible explanation is ever given to account for the many wonderful healings that do still happen today, and every day, all around us. And nor is any credible answer given to the numerous written records and eyewitness testimonies of major miracles and healings throughout church history, dating all the way back from the Early Church Fathers right up to present day. (For a really good sampling of some of the miraculous signs and wonders documented by major personalities and Christian movements throughout the centuries right up to the current day, see the Appendix at the back of John Wimber’s book, Power Evangelism, (1985) published by Hodder and Stoughton). God hasn’t changed. God still performs miracles and healings today.

R. Ian Seymour, Empowered Personal Evangelism, Weybridge: New Wine Press (2014), p.175