As the collection plate was being passed around the little church an old man looked at his grandson and said, “How much you got on you, son?”

The little boy dug into his pockets, pulled out two coins and replied, “I’ve got 60p – a 50 and a 10.”

“Well, decide which one are you going to give,” said grandpa smiling. “And remember, the Lord loves a cheerful giver!”

As the plate passed by the boy added his coin to the collection. Then his grandpa turned to him and whispered, “How much did you put in, son?”

“I put the 10p in grandpa.”

“But I told you that the Lord loves a cheerful giver!”

“Yes”, said the boy, “and I felt much more cheerful giving the 10p!”

(The grandpa was hoping the lad would up his pledge… how about you, have you upped yours? )