Years ago, in America, a young lad from a very poor home went to work for a company in New York. His devout mother told him that for every dollar he earned he ought to give 10cents to the church or to charity. He worked hard and as the firm expanded he climbed the ladder of success until he became a partner and then the sole owner of the business. He continued to give away a tenth of his income… As he grew rich he was able to give away two tenths, then four tenths, then half his income. Eventually, having educated his family and making proper provision for them, he was able to live on the interest of his wealth and gave everything else to worthy causes. We may well see the man’s name when we go into our bathroom. He was William Colgate, the manufacturer of soaps and toothpaste.

Wesley Harris

Source: Wesley Harris, 1998, Success is in Giving, Victoria, Australia: Wrightbooks, p.82