Nicky Gumbel writes: “William Randolph Hearst (1863-1951), on whose life the film Citizen Kane was based, built up the largest newspaper chain in the United States during the 1920’s. He built himself a grandiose castle on a 240,000 acres ranch in California. It contained a vast collection of antiques and objects d’art in which he invested a huge fortune. He collected them from all over the world and stored them in warehouses in different places.

One day he came across a description of a valuable piece of art in a magazine. He was determined to get hold of it, but no one knew where it was. He sent his agent all over the world to find it. Months and months went by. Finally the man came back and reported, ‘Mr Hearst, I have found it.’ With great joy he asked, ‘Where? Where was it?’ The man replied, ‘It was in your own warehouse. You bought it years ago.’

William Randolph Hearst had been frantically searching for what he already possessed. Many Christians are also frantically searching for what they already possess.”

Source: Nicky Gumbel, 30 DAYS: A Practical Introduction to Reading the Bible, 2006, Alpha Publications, p.49