Illustration using a journal of jotter pad: Supposing this book represents your life, and every wrong thing you have ever done or thought or said is recorded in it. – There are many dark pages in my own book that I don’t want you to know about. – Now supposing this (left palm) is you and the ceiling represents God. And between us and God is this book, this barrier; the record of our sin! – SIN SEPERATES US FROM GOD. Because God is pure and holy and just, He has to punish sin, otherwise He wouldn’t be true to His nature: He wouldn’t be just. That’s what happened on the cross: Jesus took the punishment we deserve upon himself. Now supposing this (right palm) is Jesus. Jesus is the only perfect man who ever lived. There was nothing separating Jesus from God. But on the cross a transfer took place. Jesus took our sin (our book) upon himself and God laid the punishment we deserve on his Son – That’s why, just before he died, Jesus cried out, It is finished (it is paid). What is? The price of our salvation: Jesus bearing the cost of our sin. It is finished: Paid in full, over ever sin you would ever commit from the womb to the tomb! And for those who are trusting in Jesus; who accept the cross and what Jesus accomplished for us, well let me ask you, what now stands in the way of us and God? – Nothing. That’s right! Jesus has opened the way for us to receive forgiveness, for us to know God personally and to be in relationship with him… If you haven’t yet done so, will you turn to Christ and receive his forgiveness.