Mother’s Day; Mothering Sunday: Max Lucado writes: ‘Some things only a mum can do… like powdering a baby’s bottom with one hand while holding the phone with the other… Spending the day wiping noses, laundering socks, balancing a cheque book, and still mean it when she thanks God for her kids. Some things only a mum can fix… like the cabinet doors her husband couldn’t, and his bruised ego when he found out she could! Broken shoelaces… broken hearts… breaking up with your sweetheart. Some things only a mum can know… like how long it takes to drive from piano lessons to football practice… how many pizzas you need for a sleepover… the number of days left in a term. The rest of us can only wonder… “Mum, what was it like when that infant’s cry first filled the room? Or the day the school bus pulled to a stop, you placed a kiss on a five-year-old’s cheek, waved goodbye and then saw the tricycle – silent and still? How did you feel? Did you cry? Did you smile? Were you like Mary who “quietly treasured all these things in her heart?” A mother who loves and prays for her children is a force to be reckoned with. When a preacher stopped by a house and asked to speak to the mother, her little boy said, ‘You can’t see her right now, she’s praying.’ That’s because Susanna Wesley spent one hour every day praying for each of her seventeen children. Eventually, two of them, John and Charles, were used by God to bring a spiritual awakening to Britain and America and established the Methodist Church. Such is the influence of a praying mother.

Source: The UCB Word For Today, 26/3/2017 Mothering Sunday