Bill Johnson says, ‘Although I no longer play football, I love to watch a good game. I have my favourite team and I love to watch them play on TV, rooting, sometimes loudly, from our sitting room. Occasional shouts of joy are heard when my team does well, as well as deep groans of travail when they have done poorly. Often my schedule doesn’t allow me to watch games live and so I catch up on [Match of the Day] or watching a recorded game. If it’s not live I like to know the outcome before I sit down to watch it. If my team lost, I usually won’t watch the game. This approach gives me an advantage… If my favourite player shoots but misses a penalty, or the opposition score first and take the lead, I already know it doesn’t change the outcome because my team has already won the game. There’s very little stress, if any, when I see my team make an error or fumble the ball. Why? I know the outcome. The one thing we are assured of in walking with the Lord is the outcome. He has already recorded the score of the game in His book of records, and we win! Because of this, adversity, conflict, or problems need not lead to panic or despair. I know ahead of time how it turns out. “All things work together for good” (Romans 8:28)!

Bill Johnson, 2016, God is Good, USA, Destiny Image Publishers, p.200-201