Did you hear about the young lad who went into the local store to use the pay phone. Tommy dialled the number and when the phone was picked up at the other end he said, “Hello, I want to apply for the job as a gardener. Oh! You already have a gardener. Is he a good gardener? Is he doing a fine job? You have no plans to change? Well, thank you anyway.”

As Tommy started out of the door, the store keeper called him back and said, “Don’t be discouraged son. That’s a very commendable things you are doing. You’ll get a job Tommy. Just keep trying.”

“Who’s looking for a job?” was Tommy’s reply.

Rather surprised, the store keeper said, “I’m sure I heard you ask for a job as a gardener.”

“Well, you see, it’s this way,” said Tommy rather embarrassed. “I’m the gardener – I’m just checking in on myself to see how well I am doing.”

Source: Cavett Robert, 1969, Human Engineering and Motivation, New York: Parker Publishing Company, p.107