‘A Prayer to Overcome Discouragement’:

God, I’ve done everything I know

To see my dreams come true.

I’ve had seasons of working hard,

And seasons of ‘letting go and letting God’.

Still, the things I’ve worked for seem as if they’ll never happen.

I feel like Sarah [Abraham’s wife] – as if I’ll never hold the one

thing I long for most.

God, don’t let me miss my destiny.

Don’t let me hope for things that are not part of your plan for my life.

Let me hear your voice guiding me,

Reassuring me and telling me you love me.

Give me a fresh glimpse of your promise to me,

So that I can fight with faith and take hold of it.

Help me to understand the difference

Between what I must go after,

And what I must wait on you for.

When it’s up to me, give me the strength to demolish doubt

And march fearlessly into the new day you’ve prepared for me.

When it’s up to you, give me grace and patience to wait.

Fill me with the joyful anticipation

That accompanies a perfectly-timed present.

Lord, they say that you are never, ever late.

So in these days of waiting, when time seems endless,

Keep me firm in my faith. Don’t let me stop short of my blessing.

Remind me again that I must not throw away my confidence,

For it will be richly rewarded! Amen.

Source: Anonymous